Beats of Rage by First Degree Productions is the only site you’ll need for Hip Hop Beats.
After purchase, any track can be professionally remastered at www.GabrielLaFlex.com and built upon immediately! If you are able to provide vocals in proper format, you will also receive a complimentary mix down of your vocals as well as the beat itself.

With a limited lease of a beat you will receive a track .wav of the beat without a watermark. The final release is yours to keep for any small scale for-profit production (less then 2k units) or unlimited free release online. It will NOT be removed from the site and therefor will still be eligible for resale to other parties.

With exclusive rights you will receive all parts of the beat fully tracked out in .wav format without a watermark. The final release is yours for unlimited release for profit as well as unlimited streaming/radio station airplay. Percentage points on sales/stream income may be also negotiated if deemed necessary. The beat will be removed from the site and will not be resold or licensed to any future parties. You are not allowed to resell the beat to any third party. Outright ownership of the beat is not transferred. You are purchasing exclusive access to the beat for unlimited profit potential, NOT the beat itself.

You can also commission an exclusive beat from Beats of Rage for a specific purpose starting as low as $1000 as well. After receiving half, I will make a rough version based on your specifications (mood, style, structure) and send it to you for review. Based on your response to the rough version, I will tweak and modify the track to your liking. Once complete, the wav will be sent once the second half of the payment is received.